Newsletter 2016-39



Supplies are decreasing. Last Monday supplies were still large, but during the week this decreased. The worsened weather conditions also results in a decrease of outdoor flowers. Many of these flowers have poor quality remarks or reached the end of season.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-From next week onwards we’ll be able to supply "Lilacs" again. For now only the White "Mary Legray" and Purple "Dark Koster". Amounts are still limited though.

-The season’s over for Dutch "Rubes". We anxiously await the first imported Rubes now.

-"Yonash" Nurseries, known for their Helianthus "Sunflowers", will start supplying again from next week onwards.

-The season’s over for "Aconitum Napellus". Mart & Lia Heemskerk nurseries put their last harvest on auction this week. Course "Arendsii" will still be available these upcoming weeks.

-"Anthurium" grower Wijnen, who suffered some damage due to a strong storm last Spring resulting in less supplies, will soon be supplying again. The following sorts will soon enter the market again; "Anthurium Amigo Semaforo, Simba and Maxima Elegance".

- As far as bouquets are concerned we can inform you that the "Sunflower" bouquets will no longer be available, it will be replaced by the "Autumn" bouquets.

- Outdoor "Calla" decreases both in supplies and quality due to the weather conditions. Calla’s become more expensive and the assortment becomes less. Although the production of import Calla is slowly starting, the assortment remains behind compared to the Dutch.

- It’s dry and warm in the south of Europe now. This causes brown leaves in "Cinerea and Eucalypthus" but growers try sending only their best flowers.

Please remember to check our webshop regularly for your updates on stock, prices and offers, wishing you fine sales,

The JAAZ FLOWERS Buying Team

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