Newsletter 2016-37

Due to the warm weather conditions we’re experiencing more supplies then previous years. But hot temperatures are over now and autumn is on its way.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

- “Pittosporum Nigra” which we import from Italy is a bit scarce at the moment due to reported difficulties causing delays in growth.

- Available as from today; “Kochia”.

- “Hippeastrum” season, also known as Amaryllis , is slowly progressing. Production is expected to reach full speed mid October.

- The “Tulip” assortment is expanding by the day!

- The so called “ seasonal growers” of “Eustoma” will supply their last flowers soon. Although “eustoma” is a yearround product , these growers are certainly valuable to our assortment and add their distinctive sorts and varieties regularly.

- The upcoming period you’ll find more products in our “Deco” stock. Keep these in mind and check sharp offers and a wide range of products in our assortment.

So far for this week,

Kind regards from The Jaaz Flowers Buying Team.

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