Newsletter 2016-36

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This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

- Prins Nurseries will supply “Eustoma” again from Monday onwards. We can add the following sorts to our assortment; Cherry Sorbet, Advantage Purple, Croma Pink Flash, Arena Mont Blanc, Super Magic Lavender, Ceremoni Blue Flash and Advantage Yellow.

- Due to financial circumstances “Rosa Natura” nurseries , our “Rosa gr Red Naomi” supplier, has decided to end all activities.

- A brand new logo for “Rossi Santini”. To promote “Rossi Santini” a new logo was developed, the logo’s O circle with the colors refers to the multitude of colors in which Rossi Santini is available.

- Supplies of “Hosta leaf” decreases rapidly.

- Supplies of Dutch “Strelitzia” are gradually growing.

So far for this week. Pleasant business and fine sales till next week!

The JAAZ FLOWERS Buying Team

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